Generate a parallax scroll document in R with YAML and Markdown

This is an R package that allows you to create a parallax scroll document with YAML and Markdown files.

Check out this demo output:

You can install the package with the following line of code. Make sure you have devtools installed first, of course:


In the examples folder of this repo, you will find the script and the Markdown documents that were used to produce this page. Here is a snippet of the starter code, but please visit the repo for the latest version:

## Load packages

## Character vector of all MD files
all_md_str <- list.files(path = "examples/Markdown", full.names = TRUE)

## Loop through each MD file, parse, and return a single tibble
md_tibble <-
  all_md_str %>%
  purrr::map_dfr(parse_md) # Return a tibble with row-binding

## Output HTML file

generate_scroll_doc(path = "examples/parallaxr-examples-output.html",
                    inputs = md_tibble)

More documentation is available for the individual functions, e.g. 


You may also visit


Further examples and use cases can be found below:

Thank you all who have contributed examples! If you would like to add your example to this list, please fork this repo and create a pull request to edit this README page.

Getting involved

If you have any questions, bugs, or suggestions for enhancements, please log an issue with This is an open-source project, so any contribution is very welcome! Pull requests are welcome.