My packages

I’ve authored several R packages, which are all available on GitHub:

Most of these packages were to some extent “by-products” of the analysis that I’ve been doing for the last couple of years, which I decided would have greater value developed into packages. If you have any comments or questions about these packages, please get in touch - any feedback would be valuable!


On this same site you can find my blog, where I write about things related to #rstats and data science. I contribute my blogs to r-bloggers, R Craft, and R Weekly, which you can find as an example two of my blogs featured in the 2019 Week 17 update on R Weekly. My post on the state of R artefacts is also selected as the highlight post of 2019 Week 27 on R Weekly.

Highlight posts

EARL Conference 2018

Enterprise Applications of the R Language Conference (London)

Hi there!

I presented at the EARL Conference 2018 on the challenges of using R for market research, and outlining some of the packages and approaches that help overcome these challenges.

Check out my blog on using R for market research and strategy planning below:

Swiss Army Knife for Strategy Planning

Download slides

Interview with Jonathan Ng

A YouTube Interview on R, Data Science, and Market Research

Jonathan Ng is a best-selling instructor and Data Scientist who interviewed me on how I use R in a market research and consulting environment, and my personal journey from Excel to R. Check out the full interview here: